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The First Official Dahlias Ride, and BBQ

So excited to announce The Dahlias first official ride. We couldn't think of a better way to ride than down Woodward Ave. We are doing an all-female ride to the BBQ, and then anyone boy, girl, dog, cat, whatever is welcome to ride out to the park and BBQ with us. 

Babes- Meet at the Northwood Shopping Center 30915 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI 4807 at 12:30pm, kickstands up at 1:00pm. We will riding out to Independence Oaks Park in Clarkston Michigan. After the BBQ everyone will go their separate ways to their respective cities.

Beer, Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Chips will be provided. It will cost $5 to get into the park so bring cash, also if you could bring some cash to donate to help cover the cost of food that would be rad. Beer and food will be available till it runs out, so BYOB if you plan on drinking a lot. When you get into the park take the road all the way down and then turn left. Follow the signs for Two Chimneys, thats where we will be.

Even if you don't ride and want to come hang out we would love to have you. There is a beach in the park so bring a swimsuit and towel if you want to swim. 

Please RSVP by emailing, or texting Hayley at 248-464-1777 so we know how much food to get. Thanks!

Taken from Biltwell Bill, some info on riding in a group: 

1. Decide before you ride.
Are you a good enough rider to hang with the guys in this group? Be honest and ask yourself if you and your machine can keep up. If you have to think about it very long, have the decency to ride near the back. Know the route so if it gets hairy you can split off at the first opportunity and go at your own pace. This is just as important of a decision if you are a faster rider. Generally groups go a little slower. If this is going to make you antsy or keep you hunting gears, you may want to go off the front and get lost on your own. If you are determined to stay with the pack, simmer down, take you place in the group and hold your line. There will be NO PASSING.

2. You are not an outlaw, so quit pretending.
Maybe you are, but in a group of unknowns, you have no idea who you are next to or who’s coming up behind you. Just because clubs ride two-up and haul ass for hundreds of miles with only a few feet doesn’t mean you can.

3. Hold your line.
Get in your slot, get an acceptable interval between you and the next rider and keep the pace. Nothing balls up momentum and throws everyone off like some jackass in the middle who keeps running up on the next guy and backing off. Adjust this interval to suit the riding environment. On the freeway I always tighten it up so that nerd in the Prius doesn’t cut into the pack. On mountain twisties, give yourself enough room to recover if the guy in front of you runs out of talent. The last thing you want to do is wad up the whole pack because you were following too close for no good reason.

4. What to do if the bike quits?
Well, there are a few choices here depending on the situation. The first priority should be safety, yours and the other riders of course. Signal that you are pulling off so the guys behind you know what’s up. If you are riding with some buddies in the pack, hopefully they’ll pull over. Wave everyone else by to keep the pack moving and then signal some of the slower riders in the back to swing over and lend a hand if need be. Hopefully you can fix whatever it is yourself, but if you need gas or someone else’s expertise, be as selective as you can and don’t hold up 100 riders just because you forgot how to switch to reserve. Bottom line, keep your shit tight so you aren’t “that guy” in the group.

5. Be kind, be courteous, open that door for your mom.
Sorry, couldn’t help but throw in that old Circle Jerks lyric. Anyway, think about the others in the group before yourself. Pass on signals and don’t hesitate to motion that you are slowing down. Choppers have notoriously small and ineffective brake lights, so a little arm flapping might help the dude behind you stay that way. Getting a little chilly or jonesing for a smoke? Just wait ’til the next stop and avoid pulling over in the middle of the run and causing a break in continuity. Realize that even though you have big ol’ brakes on your evo Sporty, the dude on the 70 year old bike behind you can’t stop nearly as fast, so don’t jam on your binders, give him some notice and he will be a lot happier.”

-Bill Bryant

Later Event: September 13
Sunday Mass and Brunch!!